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While most products that you buy off the shelves in stores or order online should be considered safe to use and meet safety standards – there are times when things can go wrong and you end up with a defective product that can cause serious injuries and in worst cases, death. In situations like this, product manufacturers can be held liable and legal recourse is available in the form of financial compensation for those who have been injured by a defective product. An experienced defective product lawyer can help you analyze whether your potential claim may have merit and whether you may be eligible for financial compensation by the insurer if you have been injured by a defective product.

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What to expect in defective product legal proceedings?

  • Doctors, engineers, and other experts may be summoned to determine whether or not the product was in fact deemed safe or unsafe – as well as isolating the source of the defect
  • Defective product cases are generally complex when determining who is truly responsible – whether it be the manufacturer, the distributor, retailer, or another party in the supply chain. In some cases any of these parties may be located somewhere in a different country – making it extremely difficult to advance your claim unless you hire a defective product lawyer
  • Depending on the type of case and claim you are advancing – liability may be determined by either provincial or federal laws

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