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Vancouver ICBC Lawyer Dairn Shane Can Help You Recover Compensation

 Vancouver ICBC lawyer Dairn Shane will help you deal with your injuries and navigate your way throughout the course of your ICBC claim in an effort to reduce the additional stress brought on to you by your motor vehicle accident and ICBC claim. Hiring an ICBC lawyer can not only help you get the compensation you deserve – but also recover costs associated with the reduction in quality of life such as:

  • Lost income or wages from your work
  • Costs for medical treatments, rehabilitation, and prescription medication
  • Losses sustained with your property
  • Costs for Pain and Suffering
  • And other costs related to the accident

 It should come as no surprise that ICBC aims to minimize the amount of compensation they pay out to individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. For this reason, we recommend hiring a Vancouver ICBC lawyer to help advance your claim to ensure that you are increasing the likelihood of obtaining the maximum settlement that you deserve.

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Why Hire Vancouver ICBC Lawyer Dairn Shane

 You don’t pay unless we win. No WIN – no FEE.

  • We offer free initial consultations
  • Our legal team keeps you updated on your case and we always respond within 24 hours
  • We fight to maximize your compensation
  • We are experienced in dealing with almost every insurer in Canada
  • We can interpret expert medical evidence
  • Represent you in all facets of your claim including negotiations, trials, mediations and more
  • You’re dealing with a Vancouver ICBC lawyer who has been featured in many newspaper publications and media outlets


 What should I do immediately following a car accident?

 One of the main benefits of hiring an ICBC lawyer is that while you focus on your healing, recovery, and rehabilitation – your ICBC lawyer will handle all legal aspects of your ICBC claim so you can recover without any additional stress. Here are some immediate steps to take following a motor vehicle accident:

 Seek medical attention immediately

  1. Obtain the names, contact details and insurance details with any other drivers who are involved with the motor vehicle accident
  2. Ensure you have the names and contact details of witnesses at the accident as well
  3. Try and note down as many details about the accident – these details may help you down the road. However, if you are seriously injured, focus more on obtaining medical assistance and calling an ambulance before anything
  4. Request a copy of the accident report from the police
  5. Contact an ICBC Lawyer
  6. Report your accident to ICBC
  7. Have your ICBC lawyer help you file your collision claim as well as Part 7/No-Fault Benefits Claim. If another driver is at fault – your ICBC lawyer will file a tort claim.
  8. Focus on your recovery and rehabilitation while your ICBC lawyer handles all negotiations, mediations and other legal matters affiliated with your ICBC claim

 Remember – time limits apply with any ICBC claim. The sooner you contact me – the better.

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