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Dairn Owen Shane

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Have you been injured in an accident in British Columbia? Or do you wish to challenge the distribution of an estate in British Columbia? If so call us today for a free consultation and a member of our legal team will be pleased to speak with you. With over 20 years of experience as a trial and appellate lawyer – Dairn Shane has also had his arguments accepted and followed by the Supreme Court of Canada. Dairn Shane Injury Lawyer is also proudly affiliated with Preszler Law Injury Lawyers in British Columbia.

When you retain Dairn Shane Injury Lawyer – we fund all legal expenses for your claim and our fee is based on a percentage of what you recover. This means you don’t pay anything unless we win. We will work with you to ensure you receive a fair settlement for your claim and have represented thousands of clients across British Columbia with respect to injury claims, medical malpractice claims, ICBC claims as well as estate litigation claims. We have a great reputation in Vancouver for being experienced Vancouver injury lawyers as well as Vancouver ICBC lawyers.

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  • 1Have resolved well over 2000 claims by way of negotiated settlements or trial results.
  • 2Appeared at all level of courts – including the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • 3We work on a continency fee basis. You don’t pay anything unless we win.
  • 4We offer services in Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, English and more.
  • 5We have thousands of happy clients and are actively involved in the community.


Dairn Shane was always very professional, knowledgeable, straightforward, and compassionate. In the three plus years he was representing me and my case against ICBC, he answered all my emails and concerns - usually on the same day, often in the same hour. Darin worked very hard and long and when all was said and done, I was very happy with the outcome of my case. I would definitely recommend him. – C.S

Thank you so much for taking on this case in the first place. I wish I had met you earlier in my teenage days when I got into my first car accident. You’ve truly been amazing throughout this case keeping me in the loop and thinking about my best interest. This case has been a great experience and this situation had allowed me to meet a great lawyer and I will definitely keep you in mind if any friends, family or myself needs a lawyer in the future – D.L

Dairn Shane was referred to me by another lawyer who had retired. I engaged him to represent me against a private insurer following a motor vehicle accident with a driver who was 100% at fault, and from which I had not fully recovered in the expected or standard period of time. Dairn shepherded me through a relatively painless process and helped me negotiate a very satisfactory settlement.– D.S

I think I have to bring then with me a bodyguard to pick up that cheque :-) To hire a good lawyer matters, and I consider you a blessing. I thank God for you and your assistance. You did very well, keep it up. God bless you not only today but all your days and years to come, as you work on toward your passion ~~~ justice ~~~. – B.Z

Trial Judgments

Mental Injury

Jury awarding $1.8 million

I was retained by a recent immigrant to Canada who had been struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian. While his physical injuries seemed to resolved with time, he was left with a debilitating and unusual psychological reaction to the accident. The insurer presented surveillance video to the jury, and put on the stand forensic experts, to say in essence that my client was not being truthful regarding the effects of the accident. The jury however believed my client and, after a three week trial, awarded substantial sums for pain and suffering, income loss, and future care.

Back Injury

Jury awarding $1.3 million

I was retained by a tileworker who was struck by a motor vehicle and suffered a back injury. The insurer disputed the extent of the injury and argued that my client should have been able to return to work. The insurer also disputed his income loss , arguing that his income should be assessed on the basis of what statistics show tileworkers make, rather than on the basis of what my client had actually been earning as an exceptional tileworker. Following a two week trial the jury rejected the arguments of the insurer, accepted that my client was disabled and entitled to income on the basis of what he actually had lost, and awarded substantial sums for pain and suffering and income loss.

Mental Injury

Supreme Court of Canada changing the law

I was retained by a client who had suffered a mental injury in an accident, though what this injury was could not be diagnosed. The trial judge accepted the evidence of family and friends and awarded my client $100,000.00. The insurer appealed to the British Columbia Court of Appeal, who overturned the decision and dismissed the claim on the basis that a diagnosis was needed to get compensation. I appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada allowed my appeal and restored the original trial verdict, effectively changing the law to find that physical and mental injuries should be treated the same, and that it is the effects of an accident on a person that are important, not what is diagnosed.


Throughout his career, Dairn has worked exclusively on behalf of injured people against insurance companies. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1992 and also served as the President of the Law Students Association. Dairn is licensed to practice in both British Columbia and Ontario and has wrote extensively for Western Legal Publications and Canada Law Book. Recently, Dairn has expanded his practice areas beyond motor vehicle accidents to include people injured from airplane accidents, individuals involved in estate disputes and litigation, product liability, disability claims and medical malpractice claims.

Dairn’s most recent accolades include appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada where he won a landmark constitutional decision (Trociuk v, AG of BC) which expanded the rights of fathers to be acknowledged on birth registration forms. In January 2017 he appeared again before the Supreme Court of Canada and successfully argued for an expansion of the way psychological injuries are established and compensated in the courts (see Saadati v. Moorhead et al). In June 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada released their decision allowing this appeal – which was a substantial victory for personal injury law claimants and in particular, those who suffer traumatically included psychological injuries.

Shortly after this decision, Dairn ran a three-week jury trial on psychological injury cases and after being instructed on the law from the Saadati decision, the jury awarded Dairn’s client $1.8 million dollars. Dairn is known for his ability to explain complex legal processes to clients in ways that are easy to understand as well as his ability to negotiate effectively with insurance companies and their lawyers. Whether you are in need of an experienced Vancouver personal injury lawyer, Vancouver ICBC lawyer or Vancouver estate litigation lawyer – contact Dairn Shane for all your legal needs with respect to injury law, ICBC claims and estate law.

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