Aviation Claim

Travelling on planes is something we all do at one time or another. Usually, such trips are without incident. However, things can happen, and you can be injured when travelling on a plane. This may occur while boarding, while on the plane, or while disembarking.

If you are injured on a plane, make sure your injury is immediately reported to a member of the flight crew. They will then take the appropriate action, depending on how serious your injury may be. If medical attention is required in a country other than Canada, make sure you keep all records and documents from that visit.

You are entitled to compensation when injured on a plane – the compensation will typically be paid by the insurer of the airline. However, your entitlement to compensation, how much it is, and where you can claim the compensation, is governed by various international conventions. The wording of these conventions can be confusing and difficult to understand. There are also time limits on how long you have to make the claim.

Generally, when injured on a plane, it is best to consult a British Columbia lawyer who is familiar with airline injury law to find out your rights. In most cases, if you are injured on a major airline, you can bring the claim in British Columbia, regardless of what country the plane was in when the injury occurred. Also, in many cases, the airline will not be allowed to try and blame you for causing your own injury – the only question will be how much compensation you are entitled to. Lawsuits for such injuries can generally be brought in the ordinary way in British Columbia Supreme Court.

Overall, if injured on a plane, talk to a British Columbia lawyer familiar with aviation law to find out your rights – and do it quickly, to make sure you do not miss an important claim deadline.

  • POSTED ON 01/31/2017

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